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Iron Oxide Pigment

Dec 27,/2021

一.Definition of iron oxide
二.Iron oxide production process
三.Iron oxide application scope

一.Definition of Iron Oxide
Iron oxide pigment is an inorganic pigment with good dispersion, good light resistance and weather resistance, non-toxic. According to the morphology, iron oxide has ordinary iron oxide, ultrafine iron oxide, granular iron oxide. The main colors of iron oxide are: iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide orange, iron oxide green, iron oxide brown, iron oxide blue.

二.Iron Oxide Production Process

Iron Oxide Production Process:
The first step of crystal seed preparation: add iron sheet, water and air to the nitric acid pool;
The second step by step oxidation: transfer the prepared crystal into the oxidation synthesis reactor, adjust the temperature and PH, add iron nitrate and iron sheet as neutralizing, and conduct one-step oxidation by steam
The third step is second-step oxidation: add iron sulfate, iron sheet and water on the basis of one-step oxidation, and conduct second-step oxidation through steam
The fourth step has been screened
Step 5 Wash water and base alkali
Step 6 Press filtration and precipitation
Step 7 Dryer
Step 8 Smash
Step 9 Packaging and storage

三.Iron oxide application scope
Iron oxide is widely used in paint, paint, building materials, ink, plastic, ceramics, paper, leather and other industries, with a broad market space.

四.Iron Oxide Packaging

A 20-foot cabinet with 20 trays

A bag of 25 kilograms